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Family-run pub Lyndhurst, New Forest

Fancy a gin at our family-run pub near Lyndhurst, New Forest

Whether you prefer your gin with tonic or as part of a cocktail, if you love gin, you’re going to love it here at our family-run pub near Lyndhurst, New Forest.

In fact, we have such a wide selection of gins at the inn that they have to be seen to be believed. Fancy a Monkey 47, a classic Plymouth or an aromatic Orphir? We really do have a gin to suit all tastes. We’re so passionate about gin, in fact, that we don’t stop with the spirit. From the tonic or mixer to the berries, dried fruit slices and other accompaniments, our gins are only ever mixed with the finest ingredients, ensuring their flavour is enhanced and never compromised.

Enjoyed a little too much gin? Not a problem, that’s the benefit of being an inn. We’ve got plenty of comfortable rooms for you to rest your head in until morning when you’ll feel fresh as a daisy after one of our famous New Forest breakfasts!

Ask us about our full list of gins. Is your favourite tipple missing from the list? Let us know, we may be able to get some in for your next visit – just one of the many reasons we’re proud to be a family-run pub near Lyndhurst, New Forest.

Gin Menu

Gin lovers will revel in the selection of gins available at our New Forest bar. From the traditional to the experimental, take a look at our extensive gin menu today.