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A great tasting sign of friendship and relaxation or just a quiet moment to yourself, we’ve pulled together our top must-haves when searching for that perfect pint…

You know what we’re talking about. Those times when a pint isn’t just a pint but when it is so much more than that. A cosy setting and great company can make all the difference and, aside from ordering one at The Bell Inn, here’s how to achieve pint perfection, wherever you choose to have yours.

The Setting

Beer is best enjoyed in a cosy pub in the heart of the countryside or out in the garden on a warm summer’s day but whatever the season, choose your setting wisely. Look for comfortable seating, plenty of atmosphere and somewhere that is well-stocked with board games to keep you entertained into the evening.

Sounds an awful lot like our New Forest restaurant, actually…

The Company

Although there might be times where you want to enjoy your pint in peace, there is nothing better than sharing in great conversation while sipping on a cold one. Invite your nearest and dearest or some old friends to join you as the perfect accompaniment to your drink.

The Celebration

Far more satisfying than a glass of Champagne, try toasting to your child’s graduation, friend’s wedding or relative’s birthday with a refreshing glass of the good stuff, instead. Knowing that you’re indulging as part of a celebration will make it taste that much better.

The Trimmings

Peanuts? A packet of cheese and onion? Or a daredevil chilli cracker type? Crunchy bar snacks make a pint even more satisfying than usual, especially our delicious homemade pork scratchings. As the colder weather sets in, however, perhaps opt for something a little more filling, like a hearty roast or a steaming hot pie to accompany your awesome ale?

The Time of Day

That first sip after returning from a long walk with the dog or a hard day at the office can be so satisfying. Find that sweet spot around 5pm and you’ll find that a pint is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day.

The Brew

We, at The Bell Inn, believe in locally sourced pints, which is why our New Forest restaurant serves locally brewed beers and ales – the key to the perfect pint.

The Head

Ah, finally, the component of a pint that divides us the most: the line of froth at the top of the glass. Do you like it or loathe it? Pulling the perfect pint isn’t easy but when you get it right, it tastes oh so good.

A longstanding British tradition that sees friends unite and conversations flourish, a well pulled pint with friends in the perfect setting is simply perfection.

Head to The Bell Inn where we have a perfect pint waiting with your name on it….

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