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3 Ways to Make Your Pancake Day More Interesting

Shrove Tuesday is fast approaching our New Forest restaurant and instead of recycling the same old lemon and sugar combination, we have put together a few ways to make your Pancake Day stand out from all the rest

Add a dash of colour

A very simple way to bring your Pancake Day to life is with a bottle of food colouring or two. We’ve all seen rainbow tiered cakes – but what about multi-coloured pancakes? Pour a drop of colouring into each batch of batter and stack your ‘cakes high according to the colours of the rainbow. Or, for an even simpler way of spicing things up, throw on a dollop of cream to your stack and strew with multi-coloured sprinkles. Looks good, tastes good.

Bring in the booze

Make Pancake Day fun for all the family (i.e. not just the little ones!) with some very simple and easy to make Beer Pancakes. Simply follow a basic pancake recipe, substituting the milk for beer and enjoy a more adult-orientated Shrove Tuesday this year. Please note, the colour of the mixture will differ slightly from your usual batter, but stick with it – these are delicious.

Fancy the beer without the pancakes? Head to our pub in the New Forest for a tall glass of the good stuff.

DIY pancakes

Rather than switching up your ingredients in order to make your Shrove Tuesday a little more interesting, why not get hands on and let your guests decorate their own pancakes this year? Organise your toppings – from the fun and funky to the classic and traditional – along the kitchen counter and let your family and friends enjoy their tasty dessert the way they like them, leaving no one will be disappointed.

So, there we have it. Some simple ways to spice up your Shrove Tuesday celebration in 2017.

If you don’t feel like making your own, head to our New Forest restaurant instead, where we will be serving up these seasonal sweets all day long.

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