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Not Sure Whether to Spend St. Patrick’s Day in the New Forest?

To be sure! You can’t get any greener than this…

We at The Bell Inn love a good knees up, which is why we’re hosting our own St.Patrick’s Day celebration, right here in the oh-so-green New Forest. It’ll be a fantastic evening of hearty grub, live music from acoustic duo Songbird, plus a whole host of the black stuff on tap to get the party started!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite St. Patrick’s Day traditions to get excited ahead of the big day.

Wear Green

Some go head to toe and some opt for subtlety. Wearing green on St Patrick’s Day has been a longstanding tradition – but there’s no official reason for people to uphold it. Perhaps it’s because Ireland is a country known as ‘The Emerald Isle’? Or maybe it’s that Leprechauns wear green? We’re not sure, but either way, it’s a fun way to mark the day. So, if you do decide to head to our New Forest restaurant for a knees-up, don’t forget to don your chartreuse hues and fern-coloured headwear!

Head to Church

St. Patrick’s Day is first and foremost, a Holy Day of Obligation, so most – if not all – practising Christians in Ireland will attend Church on 17th March each year. Attending as families, with a Shamrock pinned proudly to their chests, it’s the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Downthe Good Stuff

Lots of pubs and inns across Ireland and America have taken to serving green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Although we won’t be doing that at our cosy pub in the New Forest, we will be serving Guinness on tap all night – another delicious drink from The Emerald Isle.

Fun fact for you, though: pubs in Ireland traditionally had to remain shut for St Patrick’s Day up until the 1970s when Irish Law permitted them to open their doors – ironic really, isn’t it!

Dine Like Kings and Queens

The Irish love a good roast dinner, as well as a sizeable serving of gammon or corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day (or any day, really!), so we’ll be cooking up some Paddy’s Day-appropriate food to tuck into on the night.

Watch a Parade Go By

Parades play a big part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations around the globe. With everyone in fancy dress and sweets being thrown to children from floats, it’s a great way to mark the day. Although we won’t be hosting a parade of our own – and we can’t find any going on in the local area, after a few Guinness’, we’re sure we can make a parade of our own!

Join us on March 17th, on the one day of the year that everyone insists they’re ‘a little bit Irish’ for a traditional St Patrick’s Day celebration in one of the best places to eat in the New Forest.

Find out more about the event and book your table today.