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New Forest In Winter

The most majestic time of the year to visit our national park…

Here in the New Forest, winter is an amazing time of transformation and hibernation. Our New Forest accommodation is the perfect place to start your New Forest journey, after all, winter is a season that delivers magical qualities despite offering solitude and a calmness that seems to juxtapose the previous seasons.

New Forest Walks

Head to The New Forest National Park and you can enjoy some wonderfully wintery walks – but be sure to wrap up warm! The crispness of the air hitting your chest will leave you feeling exhilarated and there’s no better adventure than exploring frost coated countryside – especially when you can see the glint of spider webs on the foliage, watch a wild pig forage in his natural habitat and catch the steam gently leave the nose of a wild pony as they brush through the trees.

With an abundance of walks available in the New Forest, ramblers seem to be coming up with new routes all the time.

Wilverley Enclosure

If you are looking for an easier stroll, the Wilverley Enclosure is perfect for beginners and features lots of benches for you to stop for a rest and a warm brew along the way. Without stopping, this route only takes an hour and a half. But if you’re desperate to see the pigs and ponies, the Acres Down walk is the perfect route to take. Mostly flat, you’re almost certain to see the pigs and ponies as they become accustomed to the colder weather.

Whitefield Moor

If you want more of a challenge, Whitefield Moor offers both a red and yellow route depending on the length of walk you wish to take. Set on a hill, this walk offers incredible views of the landscape and is delightful in winter.

New Forest Wildlife

The free-roaming pigs and world-renowned ponies make their own way around the New Forest landscape whatever the season. But in winter, they retreat closer into the woodland to protect themselves from the weather.

The New Forest Wildlife Park

If you’re looking for a guaranteed animal encounter, then the New Forest Wildlife Park is a destination you won’t want to miss. Suitable for all ages and featuring an array of woodland trails, activities and animals, the park is open from 10am to 4.30pm.

A little more about the wildlife…

If you visit the New Forest nearer the end of winter, you will be able to see the amphibians of the New Forest initiate their reproduction rituals. Competing with each other to win a female, you will see an interesting display of nature’s courtship. The tadpoles soon hatch and mature during the winter months, making this a special sight to see.

Similarly, the winding streams are nature’s motorways for trout. These salt water fish like to migrate back to the forest to reproduce and the new fish will make their way back out to sea once matured.

If you’re looking for New Forest breaks this winter, then The Bell Inn is the perfect New Forest hotel to call home. With welcoming rooms and many celebratory seasonally dishes, our Inn is the perfect place to spend the winter surrounded by the beauty of the New Forest.
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