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 Meet The Team: Getting to Know Bartender, Scott

Scott loves our Hampshire pub in the New Forest and here’s why…

Here at The Bell Inn, we love a warm welcome. That’s why we thought it fitting to introduce you to Scott our Bartender. For those that don’t already know him, he’s a whizz with all things drink and beverage, so you can gain some insight into his role in this interview. Next time you pop in for a drink, be sure to say hello!

1.) Hi Scott. How long have you worked at The Bell Inn?

Almost a year!

2.) Everyone knows how hectic the life of a bartender can be. Is it all that it seems, and are you like Tom Cruise in Cocktail?

A standard day for me is spent serving G&T’s and generally working the bar! I love talking with the guests who visit and explaining about all our different G&T’s, how we select our beverages and when I have time I love to research new techniques and drinks.

3.) What is your favourite dish on the menu?

The Estate venison has to be my favourite. Once you’ve tasted it you’ll know why! It’s one of the joys of working in the New Forest.

4.) What is your favourite time of year at The Bell Inn?

Although it the perfect place to visit at any time of the year, it has to be winter.

5.) We’re sure you get asked this question all the time – what is your drink of choice?

I’m always trying new things, but my favourite has to be a G&T!

6.) What do you love about the New Forest and why?

Not only is it a place of outstanding beauty, the people are lovely and the conversations I get to have with them makes every day different.

7.) Do you have a dog? If so, what name and breed are they?

No, I don’t. But we get to see plenty of dogs at The Bell Inn after their walks which is a lovely part of the job!

8.) Out of these New Forest wild animals, which would you choose to be and why? Pig, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Duck, Hare or pheasant.

Without hesitation a pig – I love to eat and the food at The Bell Inn is very tasty. I regularly come to the events they hold when I’m not working and the kitchen team always put out something fantastic.

9.) What is your favourite memory of work?

I recently attended the Inn’s cheese & wine evening and thought it was amazing. It was great to learn about the different pairings and the local cheeses that were made just a few miles down the road. Doing things like this helps me when talking with guests – I can advise them on new things to try!

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