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Meet the Team: Getting to know Breakfast & Pastry Chef, Ellie

Renowned as one of the most popular New Forest restaurants, we caught up with Breakfast & Pastry Chef Ellie for a chat. After all, no other Hampshire hotels have an offering quite like The Bell Inn.

1.) Hi Ellie, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. Can you let our readers know your title and how long you have worked at The Bell Inn?

My name is Ellie and I am Breakfast & Pastry Chef at the Inn. I’ve been here for a year and a half.

2.) You clearly love your job and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but what do you love most about work at The Bell?

I love the team – we work really well together. Working here is definitely different terrain for me… I have previously worked in the mountains in Canada for six months and had to snowboard to and from work each day! Creating new dishes and trying them to see how the flavours work together is a real highlight of my job.

3.) Given that you are a Chef, it would be criminal not to ask you what your favourite dish on the menu is.

Surprisingly it’s not one of my own – I love the warm beetroot and goats cheese salad and of course, the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

4.) The New Forest changes throughout the seasons – but what’s your favourite time of the year?

For me personally, it has to be mid-winter. I love being cosy by the fire and it means snowboarding holidays!

5.) Can you share with us your favourite visitor attraction and top New Forest tip…

Go ape is a really fun place to spend the day if you like to be active. From climbing in the trees to cycling the bike trails, there is lots to do. My top tip relates to driving through the New Forest; don’t stop at the side of the road and feed the animals. They’ll spend more time by the roads in the hope of food, making it much more dangerous for them and road users!

6.) We’re one of the most loved dog-friendly Hampshire hotels so we must ask – do you have a dog?

Yes! Her name Kelpie and she’s a collie. We’re also looking to get a Staffy rescue dog too.

7.) Can you share your favourite memory from work with us?

Sure. The first thing that comes to mind is a wedding this past summer that had 40 full afternoon teas with an assortment of macarons, cake, scones and finger sandwiches. It was great bringing all that together for the bridal party!

8.) Out of these New Forest wild animals, which would you choose to be and why? Pig, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Duck, Hare or Pheasant.

I’d be a horse, I see them playing with each other sometimes.

If you would like to sample Ellie’s culinary expertise for yourself and join us at one of the best New Forest restaurants, book your room or reserve your table today.