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A Day in the Life of a Dog at The Bell Inn

Here at The Bell, we can’t think of anything better than packing up the car and heading to the New Forest – breaks with dogs make holidays spent with us even more memorable!

Our mascot is the owner’s English Springer Spaniel, Captain. He wanted to share what he gets up to as our dog friendly bed and breakfast – New Forest is full of things to do with your canine friend, so who were we to say no?!

Woofs and wags! My name is Captain and I spend a lot of time at The Bell. I love visiting and getting to say hello to all the humans. It’s a busy job being top dog at the pub so let’s not waste any time…

Captain’s Morning

In the morning, after my stretch and breakfast I like to have a quick catch-up with the housekeeper to check that all the rooms are ready. There are usually quite a few dogs coming to stay and I look forward to meeting new friends. A lot of my doggy pals come back to see me. I like to leave a little letter and some doggie treats to say hello (the housekeeper or another human helps me to write and pack these) and of course I have to leave something to snuggle up in as they’re away from home…you can’t beat a fresh cuddly blanket!

Once my housekeeping duties are fulfilled, I go and have a good sniff around the garden. The scents of visiting animals keep me busy, I can tell you, so following trails is definitely a perk of helping out at one of the best dog friendly hotels in New Forest. I have to make sure that there aren’t any unwelcome visitors so I spend some time patrolling the garden. When the maintenance human is doing his work, I like to say hello and offer a few barks of encouragement. It’s great to spend time with him, especially during the summer. I always make a fuss if our doggie water tap needs refilling with fresh water – but it’s always full so I just like to have a good bark to remind them not to forget.

Captain’s Lunchtime

Before I have my lunch, I send a human into the kitchen to fetch the Chef for me. He really likes my feedback and I get to try each and every new doggy offering which makes my tummy happy. Are there any new items we can get in? My eyes are definitely bigger than my tummy but when there are treats on the menu such as lamb hot pot, chicken & turkey casserole and fish jerky, I am more than happy to taste them all! You can see our entire doggy menu here.

Once I have let him know what I think, I sit and have lunch. It has been said that I snaffle the odd crumb that falls my way from the humans, but of course, I don’t! I like to spend an hour or two sat in the bar so I can see all the comings and goings. I might even have a nap.

At this point I like to nudge my human and take them over to the reception desk where they can grab The Bell’s dedicated local walks map. I’m always ready to pop out to stretch my legs and get some more fresh air – the New Forest is perfect for it!

…and finally Captain’s Evening

If I am hungry, I have some dinner from the doggy menu and then sit with my owner and the other humans while they have a drink in the bar. I like to find the other pooches so I can have a chat and a wag – before it gets too late I pop out to do my
business (I’m lucky that there’s a human nearby to pick it up, but if someone forgets their bags you can buy them from reception too!). After a long day, I curl up and sleep before doing it all again tomorrow! Don’t just take my woof for it, but I think we
have the best dog friendly accommodation in New Forest.

Captain can’t wait for you to join us in New Forest – breaks with dogs offer incredible memories. Book direct for the best rates today or if you have any questions, contact a member of the team.