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Supplier Spotlight: Blackwater Farm


Pork is often last on the list when up against lamb, beef, chicken and seafood – that is until you have the opportunity to try some of the New Forests finest pork from Blackwater Farm. Here at The Bell Inn, we are super lucky to have such a wonderful and ethical supplier only a short drive down the road. Believers in our ‘estate to plate’ ethos, Blackwater Farm certainly fits in with our values that’s why we’re happy to use their produce in our New Forest restaurant.

A little bit about Blackwater…

Located on the edge of the New Forest, you’ll find Blackwater Farm. Founded in 2012 the farm is owned and run by Sue and Mike Kenworthy, who started with only a handful of pigs producing pork for friends and family to enjoy. Swiftly, their produce became very popular and the business began to expand – they are now rearing over 60 pigs!

The proof is in the produce…

Blackwater pork prides itself on producing excellent tasting meat, while ensuring the animals have a good quality of life. All the pigs are bred and reared outdoors; they can roam freely and forage for themselves. The herd consists of Berkshires and rare breed Gloucester old spots. We have to say that rare breed pork, especially that of the Gloucester old spot, has exquisite taste and superb texture.

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About the pigs…

Berkshire pigs, are a rare breed of pig which originate from the county of Berkshire in the UK. They are bred and raised in various parts of the world, including England, Japan, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Berkshire pigs are often referred to as ‘Kurobuta’. a Japanese phrase, and is similar to when beef is referred to as ‘Kobe’. By having a Japanese title, this breed of pig has seen an increase in demand and enjoys the sophisticated branding of a premium grade of pork.

The Gloucestershire Old Spots is an English breed of pig. Predominantly white with a handful of black spots, it has been tastefully named after the county of Gloucestershire. The Gloucestershire Old Spots pig is known for its submissiveness and intelligence. The boars can reach a mature weight of 272 kg and sows (female pigs) 227 kg.

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