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Supplier Spotlight: New Forest Beef

In our latest Supplier Spotlight, we’re bringing you the lowdown on Tom Hordle and his fine New Forest beef. No other New Forest restaurants serve this Forest fed and bred produce, and we’re a little bit excited about it!

A little bit about Tom…

Still in his 20s, Tom Hordle is somewhat of a celebrity in the area as he is the youngest New Forest Commoner to be grazing his herd of Hereford cattle. He’s a first-time farmer, doing everything from scratch and his passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Working with his partner Adele (who is from a farming family), he makes sure that his herd reap the incredible health benefits of eating a natural diet – quality of life for his animals is absolutely paramount.

“I have free rein of around 90,000 acres – and that’s without a headage limit! Making sure my cows are happy is very important.”

The proof is in the produce…

Tom has entrusted The Bell Inn and our award-winning Head Chef Mark to be the only restaurant that can feature his New Forest reared beef on our menus! After hearing about his dedication and refreshing ethos, we soon thought up a whole host of mouth-watering dishes using his 40-day dry aged beef. The best part? Well aside from the incredible local ingredients and fantastic taste, a £1 donation to the New Forest Trust will be made every time one of Tom’s beef dishes is ordered in the restaurant. If you didn’t already have reason enough to dine with us, you do now!

 About the cows…

A firm believer in quality over quantity, Tom’s Hereford cattle set a prime example of commoning done correctly. He grazes 70-head of mostly Hereford cross beef cattle year-round, and he rears them from day-old Hereford cross Friesian calves that are sired by his pedigree Hereford bull. This is a deliberate choice – he wants to ensure a docile temperament in his cattle. Fed on a unique diet of gorse, heather and holly, not only are the cows happy and healthy, they are free to roam and this natural mix of food also means he produces great tasting meat.

You can find out more and see what Tom is up to by following @tomsforestbeef on Instagram. No other Hampshire hotels or restaurants work exclusively with Tom and his beef – isn’t it time you sampled it for yourself?

When it comes to New Forest restaurants, it speaks volumes that only The Bell serves Tom’s beef. Call 023 8081 2214 or book your table online today. Better yet, why not continue your evening and stay overnight with Bed and Breakfast just £80 per room?

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