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Dog-Friendly Walks in the New Forest

We love dogs here at the Bell Inn. We love their company, their mischievousness and even their boundless energy. Whether your dog is full of beans, or more likely to be keen on a stroll around to smell the local smells, we can help by advising you on what to explore in the local area.

Good ideas for taking your dog out in the New Forest

Livestock will roam freely in the New Forest. If and when you see some, please keep your dog on a short lead. Give them a wide berth, do not get in between a cow and their calf, and if they approach – let your dog off the lead.

To minimise disturbance to local wildlife and livestock, please keep your dogs within sight and under close control at all times.

Please use a lead if necessary and stick to paths during ground-nesting bird season (March to July).

Please remove dog mess from all areas and dispose of it responsibly.

Be considerate to other people using the forest.

Walking in the woods

As dog owners, we have walked an unsurprisingly high percentage of the forest. Our resident dog Wilf has seen his fair share of sticks, leaves, rivers, ponies and things that run off when he sniffs them. Below are the walks he expressed the greatest interest in – and that he and I think you should try out.

Bramshaw woods

Type of walk: Flat, forest

What’s here: Free parking, off lead areas, animals en-route, water, refreshments available

About this walk

We recommend parking just off Forest Road and immediately sprinting after anything you see – pausing to sniff an interesting patch of greenery – and remembering your owner, before coming back to show them where to go.

The woods are by their nature very seasonal. There are lots of things for dogs to enjoy including sniffs, sticks and places to play in the leaves. There is a stream, which you can definitely stand in and stare at your owner from, while they try and convince you to get out. Other than that, the walk is mainly flat. Nothing too strenuous! It’s a nice place to take the children as well, as there is plenty to climb.

Good for: Finding sticks to bring home

Bad for: Being told you can’t bring the stick home

13/10 tail wags of appreciation

Standing Hat

Type of walk: Hilly, flat, forest

What’s here: Free parking, off lead areas, paved routes, picnic areas, water

About this walk

A couple of car parks to choose from, then miles and miles of seemingly endless paths to walk, sprint, and chase things around on. Another fine example of the beautifully kept national park. If, like me, you can sprint after a stick and bring back a different stick to confuse your owner, this is a place you’ll enjoy.

Located behind Balmer Lawn, Brockenhurst, just off of main A337.

Good for: Chasing animals

Bad for: Catching animals

14/10 Barks of excitement