The Nights Sky

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Archive Nov 2019

The Nights Sky
The New Forest Sky
Artificial light can provide a valuable benefit to society, including extending opportunities for sport and entertainment as well as offering a level of safety. Equally, artificial light is not always necessary. Luckily, The Bell Inn benefits from its location and offers an incredible night sky and all the benefits that entail.
A child using binoculars in the forest
Where best to see the new Forest ponies
With around 5,000 ponies scattered throughout the New Forest, you will have no trouble spotting some. They are fairly social animals and love the nutritious food the forest offers. It's because of this that you are likely to find them in small groups in the open areas that provide the best vegetation for them.
Forest Made
At the bell in, we love things that are made locally. Not only does it enable us to witness that quality being put into the items, but also helps us to support the local communities and bring the unique flavors and crafts that you can't find elsewhere.