The Nights Sky

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The New Forest Sky

Artificial light can provide a valuable benefit to society, including extending opportunities for sport and entertainment as well as offering a level of safety. Equally, artificial light is not always necessary.

It can be a source of annoyance to people, harmful to wildlife, undermine the enjoyment of the countryside or detract from the enjoyment of the night sky. If you have ever looked up into the sky in the centre of a city at night, you may have noticed that the stars are not as visible as you would expect. This is caused by all the lights around you. This effect is even more noticeable if you live far from city or town lights, where the night sky is often much more visible.

How the Bell Inn benefits

Due to our location in the heart of The Few Forest, we benefit from a limited amount of light pollution, leading to what can only be described as an incredible nights sky. On the drier winter nights when there is little to no cloud cover, there is a reason you can see many photographers setting up shots in the hope of capturing the nature against this beautiful backdrop.

The effects of our beautiful sky

The stunning effect of having no artificial light not only benefits our guests and visitors to the forest but also the wildlife we treasure. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, or someone looking to capture the perfect shot, our surrounding area is an idyllic setting.

Nocturnal nature can be found in a more urban setting with more ambient light, but if you want to see them how they wish to be living, foraging in their natural environment under the cover of true darkness, then the Forest is a truly idyllic location.

Staying at the Bell

Located in the heart of the forest and surrounded by nature, we can offer incredible eating experiences prior to your heading out to enjoy the night sky, the photographic opportunities and the plentiful nature that surrounds us.

When the temperature has dropped below your tolerance, or you have taken all the shots you need, then you can retire to one of our warm and comfortable rooms to ensure you are fully rested for your plans the day ahead.