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Where best to see the new Forest ponies

With around 5,000 ponies scattered throughout the New Forest, you will have no trouble spotting some. They are fairly social animals and love the nutritious food the forest offers. It’s because of this that you are likely to find them in small groups in the open areas that provide the best vegetation for them.

You may see some of the ponies have silver collars on them. These reflective collars are put on them to help make them more visible at night time. If you are driving at night and see a reflective collar on a dark road then take it as an indication that there are animals about, some of which you may not be able to see so easily, so please drive with caution.


Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary

Although this site is famous for its deer, ponies can also be found here. They are often vacant during the day, however, but being present at dusk can provide some interesting photo opportunities when they return.

Many of our customers have reported back that the walking trails through this part of the forest are worth the trip alone.

Postcode: SO43 7GE

Horseshoe Bottom

There is a really nice spot to potentially see ponies here. If you park in the free carpark, just a little walk up the hill leads to a spot where we commonly find small groups spending their days. If you have a little time to explore, there are some lovely walking trails around this area as well.

Postcode: BH25 5WA

Griggs Lane (near Brockenhurst College)

If you are looking to see some of the ponies, but remain a little closer to town this is the spot for you. You can commonly find ponies in this town just walking around. It goes without saying that you should drive cautiously through this area.

This town also has some nice places to stop for food if you are looking to make a day of the trip.

Postcode: SO42 7RF

Important information on New Forest ponies

For their safety and your own please resist the urge to approach any animals you may find. Although owned and cared for by local people called commoners, they are unpredictable and best treated as wild. Please don’t feed or touch them. There is plenty of naturally growing food for them, and it’s in their interest that they do not come to rely on people to provide their food. They may look friendly but they can bite and kick, especially ponies with foals.

When to visit us

Although you can stay with us and see the ponies at any time of year, we recommend coming in the spring. Not only will you get the opportunity to see the forest in all its glory and the ponies, but you may be lucky enough to see their foal.