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Top Wedding Ideas and Trends in 2020

Every year, we see a new trend emerge in the weddings we host. Some trends stay in fashion, some fade away as fads – but either way, there’s always something new happening. And now, as we enter a new decade, what are the top emerging wedding trends in 2020? We’ve collected some of the things we’ve been noticing – will you make them part of your big day?

Local Weddings

We’ve seen more couples choosing to keep things local and intimate – but not necessarily low key. And it makes a lot of sense; a local wedding is close to home, so more of your nearest and dearest can make it than a destination wedding. Plus it’s always nice to be in a familiar setting, where you know what to expect and where people know your name – it adds up to fewer unwanted surprises and a far more relaxed atmosphere.

There’s already so much pressure to enjoy your wedding day – and having your venue near home relieves a lot of it. And just because it’s local and intimate doesn’t mean you’ve got to skimp on the fun and excitement!

Instagrammable Venues

This is a big deal for couples, and you’ve probably noticed a few hashtags around at weddings you’ve been to recently. That’s only set to grow, and making things look good enough for The ‘Gram needs the right venue. That’s why New Forest weddings at The Bell Inn are easy to tailor. We provide all the things you’ll strictly need for a great day to happen: celebration and ceremony spaces, tables and chairs, food and drink – but we take more of a blank canvas approach than a minimalist rule.

That means couples are free to let their imaginations run wild, creating truly unique and beautiful interior scenes for an Instagram-friendly experience. Maximalism is the new minimalism – with huge flower clouds, opulent table settings and explosions of colour.

It’s easy to forget where you are when you’re wrapped up in the excitement of a wedding celebration, but one step outside our Inn and you’ll see the New Forest in all its splendour – and if that’s not Instagrammable, then we just don’t know what is!

Groomsmen Front and Centre

Bridal parties and pre-ceremony photoshoots have been growing in popularity for years now, but grooms and their best men have typically taken a back seat until the big moment. Not so anymore, as groomsmen have taken centre stage and are becoming more and more involved in activities traditionally considered as bridesmaids activities.

Preparation photos and added flair like commemorative watches, beard grooming rituals or vibrant patterned suits are making their way into the fray. We expect grooms and their parties to be a much bigger part of the wedding scene in 2020 and beyond.

Veggie and Vegan Weddings

There’s no stopping the meat-free lifestyle in 2020. Veganuary was bigger than ever this year, and talks of plant-based being a flash in the pan are well and truly quashed now as vegan food becomes mainstream.

It’s a good thing that vegan food is better than it’s ever been, then! This is especially true of vegan wedding cakes, which for the most part have had us completely fooled for being the real thing (if not a little better). While we’re still traditionalists and supporters of our local suppliers at heart, it’s really exciting to see this new wave of food develop.


Under the same banner as vegan and vegetarian weddings, sustainability has become a big focus of weddings in recent years. Confetti alternatives like bubbles and ribbon wands are reducing waste and single-use plastics, evites are replacing printed materials – which themselves are leaning on biodegradable and recycled materials.

Being local helps sustainability, too – and local produce can extend to flowers as well as food.

Transforming Wedding Dresses

Many brides are learning from other weddings they’ve been to, where the woman of the hour has made a costume change from their ceremony dress into their eveningwear. This change is rarely quick though – if you’ve ever tried to get in and out of a corset-style dress, you’ll know what we mean!

So, why not get a dress that does both? That’s now an option, thanks to transforming wedding dresses that have all the grace and elegance of a wedding gown – and can instantly break down to a show-stopping party frock!

Less time getting dressed means you can be there for more of the moments that matter on your big day.

The Bell Inn, an Intimate New Forest Wedding Venue

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